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Monitor counterfeit goods, illegal items and illegal posts on ecommerce sites, social media sites and other websites that impair your brand image

What is Online Protection Service (Online Monitoring)?

In recent years, the volume of online commercial transactions is increasing dramatically around the world, and consequently the handling of counterfeit goods and other illegal items and illicit articles is also of an increasing trend. Since the method of selling products without authorization is also evolving day by day, in addition to simply selling illicit articles, for instance, there are cases in other countries where consumers are guided to a site selling counterfeit goods, through the misapplication of SEO keywords, as a result of searching for their desired brand online, and repeatedly purchase counterfeit goods believing that they are authentic. Furthermore, there are now marketplaces specializing in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and the monitoring and measures for confirming that your brands and other rights are not being used without authorization are now becoming important in various platforms.

At IPF, our investigators specializing in the IT sector analyze the trend of online damages on a daily basis, conduct accurate and prompt research based on the findings, and take necessary measures such as requesting the online marketplace to delete the corresponding counterfeit goods.

Coordination with on-site anti-counterfeiting measures from monitoring of ecommerce, social media sites and other websites

Based on the track record and experience from the on-site research and enforcement conducted by our on-site counterfeiting measure department over many years, we trace the actual location where the counterfeit goods are being manufactured and sold from clues discovered online (via the internet), and request enforcement to authorities. This is our one-stop solution of online to offline (O2O) services.
Research the auction status of questionable products and services imitating your products being sold on key ecommerce sites, social media sites and other websites, and NFT marketplaces. Upon discovering a corresponding product or service, we register your rights and request the prompt and certain deletion of such product or service based on the prescribed procedures of the respective sites.
Monitor and analyze postings and take measures against illegal articles and items in violation of laws and rules that are often found on social media postings by leveraging our unique keyword combination.
Since there are cases where it is difficult to determine whether the products are counterfeit goods only from the information of auctions and postings on online shops and posting sites, IP Forward can purchase suspicious products on your behalf for appraisal.
Without limitation to Japan, available to purchase products on your behalf which are being sold in key countries including the U.S., England, Korea, China, Taiwan, Australia, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Are you having any trouble with counterfeit goods being sold online?

  • "Currently online enforcement is not working well..."
  • "Expecting to hire a reliable firm to handle our IPR infringement cases"
  • "Need to collect accurate information of counterfeit goods"

Let IP Forward protect your intellectual properties

By combining our offline knowledge obtained through field research and enforcement over many years with our online monitoring and research introducing cutting edge IT, we are aiming to fundamentally resolve IPR infringement that is occurring on a global scale.
We have received the empathy and support of numerous companies for our philosophy.



Track record of assisting numerous major corporations with their IP infringement cases

Resolved numerous IP infringement cases of Japanese corporations of wide-ranging business categories including apparel products, automotive products, foods and daily necessities, and cosmetics. Our anti-counterfeiting measures have assisted numerous major corporations in protecting their intellectual property rights.
Upon request, we can also make arrangements for a public meeting with online business operators (platformers).


Take anti-counterfeiting measures in China and Southeast Asia where counterfeit goods are often found

Roughly 100 investigators in mainland China who specialize in anti-counterfeiting measures, and also have affiliated research firms and law firms in Southeast Asia. This enables us to promptly acquire accurate information related to counterfeit goods. Based on our research results, we file requests for enforcement on a daily basis with government agencies with the authority to perform enforcement of counterfeit goods.


Optimal solutions provided by Japanese/Chinese attorneys and attorneys of our overseas alliance partners depending on your issues and requests

In addition to research and analysis of legal systems of intellectual property rights in Japan, China and Southeast Asia, we can offer fine-tuned services to deal with your specific issues and requests also based on the legal systems of countries across the world.

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