Filing Applications of IP Rights in China

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Your one-stop solution for trademark and patent registration in China

While the IPF Group is a Japanese patent firm, we also have a Chinese trademark application firm and a Chinese patent application firm in China, which are duly authorized by the Chinese government, and the staff can provide high quality services for your intellectual property registration needs, including Chinese trademarks and Chinese patents. Since you can directly file applications in China at reasonable rates, and we have received filing requests from numerous foreign corporations and patent firms and law firms in overseas.
We also have considerable experience in dealing with misappropriated registrations where a third party acquires your Chinese trademark without permission, and registering intellectual property rights in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries by coordinating with local agents.
We have acquired the “authorization to represent trademark filings (official date of license: 18th.Nov.2011)” in China, we can directly file your trademark applications as a Chinese firm.

Based on our extensive experience as the No.1 in taking anti-counterfeiting measures, we can propose highly effective trademark filing strategies in light of the characteristics of counterfeiters, and offer a one-stop solution from the creation to protection of your rights while dealing with other issues such as trademark research, filing of oppositions and invalidation trials.

In addition to mainland China, we can also support your trademark needs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and key ASEAN countries.
Since trademark rights are basically “first come, first served”, there are numerous cases where an unrelated third party registers the trademark of another company’s name or brand in China without permission (“misappropriated registration”). In order to invalidate this kind of misappropriated registration, it is necessary to accurately collect valid evidence and take legal action according to the circumstances (filing of an objection, invalidation trial, cancellation trial based on non-use).
By leveraging our Chinese trademark agents, Chinese and foreign patent attorneys and the track record of being the No. 1 source for Japanese corporations in taking anti-counterfeiting measures, we are able to invalidate misappropriated registrations with a high degree of probability based on our investigative abilities and evidence gathering experience while understanding the characteristics of those engaged in misappropriated registration.
Since legal action against misappropriated registration entails several conditions including time limits, in certain cases it may not be possible to file an objection, initiate an invalidation trial or take other legal action. In such cases, it becomes necessary to negotiate with the misappropriated registration owner for purchasing the corresponding rights or requesting the coexistence of the corresponding rights.
We are able to offer a one-stop solution from the background check of the misappropriated registration owner to requesting such owner to engage in negotiations, negotiating with such owner for purchasing the corresponding rights at the lowest price possible, and drafting an agreement for preventing the recurrence of any misappropriated registration.
In dealing with misappropriated registrations, it is important to constantly monitor filings to make sure that no suspicious trademark applications are filed, and immediately take legal action once an application of a suspicious trademark is filed.
In order to instantaneously confirm any misappropriated application or registration of trademarks, in addition to research conducted by our expert Chinese trademark agents, we can monitor filings in an accurate and timely manner through research utilizing dedicated software.
The IPF Group has its own Chinese patent firm, and we can directly file applications for Chinese patents, designs and utility models (under the laws of China, these are collectively referred to as “patents”).
Through our Chinese patent attorneys specializing in various technical areas, we offer wide-ranging services related to patents and other intellectual property rights in China from filing of applications of Chinese patents, designs and utility models to patent research and technical evaluation and appraisal.
For copyrights, China also adopts the immethodical doctrine and rights are generated based on the creation of copyrighted works. While rights do not automatically arise through registration, since the reliability of registration with a public institution is strong in China where IP disputes often occur, in effect, copyright registration is being actively adopted. Specifically, in many cases a copyright registration certificate is requested when exercising rights (enforcement, deletion of links to infringing products, etc.), useful in taking measures against misappropriated applications and registrations, and requested from the counterparty in license transactions.
At IPF, members who are well-versed in various situations of exercising rights can offer advice for copyright registration capable of facilitating your exercise of rights, and take registration procedures on your behalf.

Are you having any trouble registering your intellectual property rights in China?

  • Need to register our intellectual property rights in China, but don’t know where to begin
  • Finding support of registrating rights that are strong enough to fight back when infringed upon

  • Prefer to register rights while controlling costs

Let us help you with the complicated procedures of registering intellectual properties

Do you think that filing trademarks and patents in China is difficult due to language barriers and cultural differences?
Since IPF has many Chinese patent attorneys with extensive experience who are also fluent in English, you can register your rights more easily and quickly than you think.
Let us help you with our one-stop solution from drafting of documents to filing of applications for registration.


Full English support even for complex technologies and complicated procedures for registration of rights

Since our Chinese patent attorneys and clerical staff who are fluent in English will be handling your case, we can deal with matters related to complex technologies and the overall flow of procedures all in English, and support the registration of you rights in a smooth and reliable manner.


We can offer reasonable rates because we are authorized to file applications in China

IPF can directly file applications for both trademarks and patents in China, and no intermediate costs are required. We can also offer services at reasonable rates by reducing man-hours and costs, up to 30% in comparison to conventional methods, through thorough streamlining of processes and introduction of software technologies.


One-stop support from registration to exercise of IP rights

In addition to registering rights in China, IPF is able to offer comprehensive one-stop support from exercise to utilization of rights. We can register strong rights by calculating backwards from actual scenarios of exercising rights, and, once rights are infringed upon, we will promptly protect your IP rights.

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