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The production of illegal products (counterfeit, pirates etc.) are significantly easy to sell on internet world, and we are facing them somewhere everyday via online platforms. When it comes to brand counterfeit, it will not only attack the name and value of a known business, it can cause harmful, and sometimes fatal, consequences for the consumers.
Therefore, right holder need continuous global online monitoring, offline investigations, and legal actions in efficient way to fight against them.
IP FORWARD group will be your answer, which provides a comprehensive specialized consultings, market-researches, legal services for general IP, and anti-counterfeiting measures.

We are committed to supporting your business by maximizing our strengths of “professionalism” and “internationality”.

Our Expertise

Global Brand Monitoring & Takedown

Online Protection

Service includes to monitor worldwide online major ecommerce, social media, NFT marketplaces etc. to find out your brand infringements. In addition, our industrial experts will support and analyze each trend to achieve your expectation, and report the actual conditions in the timely manner.
Physical Offline Raid Activities

Offline Brand Protection Services

Largest number of investigators as a Japanese research company, and, without limitation to the research and enforcement of infringement of trademark rights and copyrights, we have abundant experience in dealing with highly sophisticated patent infringement cases, and can take anti-counterfeiting measures in a streamlined manner by coordinating with attorneys.
Business Consulting

Conslting for Business Development in China

*China: Several offices in China which allow us to collect and update latest and accurate information at all times, and we have handled various types of research projects over many years. Also offer consulting services related to incorporation, proxy marketing and sales promotion

*Other country: Please contact us for more information.
Legal support

Legal Service

Based in Japan & China, and business ties with numerous foreign law firms (Southeast Asia and other) , IP Forward will comprehensively support your legal work, with a focus on IP legal affairs.
IP Rights Registration

Filing Applications of
IP Rights

*China: Chinese trademark application firm and a patent application firm, which are duly authorized by the Chinese government, and the staff are fluent in English, Japanese and capable of offering Japan-quality services to meet your needs of registering IP rights such as Chinese trademarks and patents.

*Other country: Please contact us for more information.
IP Rights Registration
IP Rights Registration
Southeast Asia Brand Protection

Southeast Asia IP and Legal Services

Our one-stop solution includes services such as registration, research, enforcement, warning, litigation and injunction at customs related to intellectual property rights in the key countries of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, etc.).
Cases handled (2010 to 2022)
Research & Investigation
Offline Enforcement
Online Enforcement
Injunction at customs
Evidence gathering
Filing applications of IP rights
Legal research and advice
Consulting for Business Development in China

Our clients

Our clients

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