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Established our IP FORWARD HCMC Office
to further commit to our anti-IP infringement measures in Southeast Asia, and to seamlessly perform anti-counterfeiting measures
on a global scale.

Our one-stop solution includes services such as registration, research, enforcement, warning, litigation and injunction at customs related to intellectual property rights in the key countries of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, etc.).

We offer optimal solutions to our clients in light of the fact that the exercise of intellectual property rights in Southeast Asia differs from the exercise of intellectual property rights in various ways.

In recent years, the number of global IP infringement cases on the internet is increasing, and in response our clients can exercise their rights based on a research/deletion system independently developed by IPF, and we can also provide services including on-site research, enforcement, dispatch of warning letters and civil action by coordinating with local resident consultants and our on-site research department and attorney department.

Greetings from our HCMC Office

 My name is Toru Takano, and I am a licensed attorney and patent attorney acting as the representative of the IP FORWARD HCMC Office. As the Southeast Asia hub of the IP FORWARD Group, we established our office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Let me briefly explain why we decided to establish a new office in Vietnam.

While IPF has been supporting numerous clients with their anti-IP infringement measures mainly in China, pursuant to the prevalence of the internet and the thriving cross-border business in recent years, we have been receiving more inquiries related to global anti-IP infringement cases that spread from China, particularly inquiries related to problems in the countries of Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, after becoming involved in anti-counterfeiting measures in numerous developing countries when I was temporarily transferred to the Office for Intellectual Property Right Infringement of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, I resided in Vietnam from 2018 to 2021 to strengthen my expertise in the legal affairs of developing countries, and offered legal support to Japanese companies that wished to expand their business to Vietnam. Nevertheless, since China was often involved with the IP infringement cases in Vietnam, it was frustrating since in many cases it was not possible to resolve the problem only within Vietnam.

Consequently, with an aim to realize global and seamless anti-IP infringement measures without limitation to China and Southeast Asia, we decided to establish an office in Ho Chi Minh, which is the center of the Vietnamese economy, so that we can view the entire Southeast Asia from rapidly growing Vietnam, and also so we can more closely coordinate with Japan and China. I am certain that we can provide robust services for protecting Japanese intellectual properties through the fusion and coordination of my hands-on experience in Southeast Asia, and IPF’s considerable experience in anti-IP infringement measures, abundant resources for research and enforcement, and global online monitoring skills.

The world is currently in a precarious position, but we will devote ourselves to supporting our clients while flexibly dealing with various changes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business with the IP FORWARD Group.


Representative Attorney and
Patent Attorney
Toru Takano

3F, Lim Tower 3, 29A Nguyen Đinh Chieu, Dakao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Intellectual property rights are being infringed upon in all forms and manners also in the various countries of Southeast Asia. When taking anti-counterfeiting measures in the corresponding region, it is necessary to conduct adequate research to confirm the actual condition of the counterfeiters and properly understand the situation.

Since IPF Group has a Southeast Asia office in Vietnam and has strong ties with local IP offices and research firms, we can provide research services of counterfeit goods and counterfeiters in each country.
When taking anti-counterfeiting measures, an effective process would be to file requests for administrative enforcement or criminal enforcement through government agencies with the authority to prohibit the manufacture/sale of counterfeit goods and arrest the counterfeiters.

IPF Group can support your filing of requests for enforcement with the IP-related government agencies of the various countries of Southeast Asia.
The volume of online commercial transactions is increasing dramatically, and consequently the distribution of counterfeit goods is also increasing.

At IPF Group, we can take necessary measures such as requesting the deletion of relevant products by leveraging a specialized research system which performs crawling of the auction/sale information of counterfeit goods throughout the world, and by the specialized investigators analyzing the daily online damages.

Furthermore, since IPF Group also has a large-scale field research team, we can trace the actual location where the counterfeit goods are being manufactured and sold from clues of infringement discovered online, and request enforcement to authorities. This is our one-stop solution of online to offline (O2O) services.
If you wish to acquire and confirm the actual counterfeit goods to appraise their authenticity, IPF can purchase such goods on your behalf.

Since all procedures will be taken through IPF, there are the following advantages; namely, “products can be purchased smoothly without alarming the counterfeiters”, “troublesome procedures such as overseas payment can be avoided”, and “information of the place of shipment of the counterfeit goods can be easily acquired”.

Purchase examples:
Purchase of products from individuals, purchase of products from distributors, purchase of products from manufacturers, purchase of products from online stores, etc.
With large-scale malicious business operators or those that repeatedly commit offenses and well-funded counterfeiters, one action that can be taken is to demand the injunction of infringement or the payment of damages through civil action.

At IPF Group, since attorneys and specialized investigators with extensive experience in IP law in the various countries of Southeast Asia take measures by coordinating with each other, we can offer services of research to litigation in a streamlined manner.
Counterfeit goods are no longer only the problem of upstream China, and can be found throughout the world including Southeast Asia, and are hindering the global business development of companies as the right holders. Thus, it is imperative to take anti-counterfeiting measures at the borders of the various countries of Southeast Asia.

We have undertaken numerous projects in which we served as the customshouse broker of more than 50 Japanese companies over many years, and also have a relationship with the customs officials of the various countries of Southeast Asia, and can therefore support your various affairs related to the injunction at customs.
We offer registration services of various intellectual property rights in the key countries of Southeast Asia.

Since IPF has many patent attorneys and attorneys with extensive experience who are also fluent in Japanese, you can register your rights in a simple and speedy manner. Let us help you with our one-stop solution from drafting of documents to filing of applications and registration.

Available services:
Trademark research and filing of trademark applications, trademark monitoring, filing of patent, utility model and design applications, trademark purchase and coexistence negotiation, measures against misappropriated trademark registrations, translation of prior art technologies, copyright registration, patent research and appraisal.
In addition to having our own law firms in Japan, China and Vietnam, we have business ties with numerous law firms located in Southeast Asia.

Our Japanese attorneys are also familiar with legal affairs in Southeast Asia, and, by coordinating with attorneys admitted in Southeast Asia depending on each case, we can comprehensively support your legal work related to Southeast Asia that arises on a routine basis.

Available services:
Incorporation, corporate management, legal research of restrictions on foreign investment, due diligence, corporate acquisition, M&A, general international transactions (drafting, review, translation and negotiation of various agreements), entertainment-related legal affairs, labor-related legal affairs and other general corporate legal affairs.

Are you having trouble dealing with counterfeit goods overseas?

  • "Unsure who to ask for help in dealing with counterfeit goods overseas"

  • "Expecting consultation regarding to specialty firm that is familiar with legal issues of that country"
  • "Need to hire a firm capable of communicating in English"

Let us resolve your problems

We not only have investigators with vast experience, since our consultants and attorneys are fluent in English, there will be no gap in any understanding that may result from differences
in the nuances of languages.


With numerous professionals specializing in various fields, a highly sophisticated one-stop solution can be provided

IPF Group can provide services related to anti-counterfeiting measures, IP protection, legal affairs in China, and support for business development in China as a result of our research firm, consulting firm, law firm and patent firm joining forces, and consequently increase the synergy by combining the various services.


Accurate analysis and advice by leveraging our strength of having offices in Southeast Asia

As a result of engaging in every type of legal work related to infringement of intellectual property rights on a daily basis and being familiar with legal practice in Southeast Asia, we can offer the optimal solution for problems in each case of IP infringement that you may encounter.


Track record of having protected numerous companies from infringement of intellectual property rights

Our one-stop service of anti-counterfeiting measures from extensive research by numerous investigators to request of enforcement and arrangement of a notary has protected the intellectual property rights of numerous companies to date. As a result, we are currently the No. 1 source of Japanese companies for taking anti-counterfeiting measures.

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