Successful case of O2O research

O2O(Online to Offline) research in China

Period: April 2019
Place: Guangdong Province, Guanzhou City
Type of case: Research
Target product: Daily necessities
Today, the distribution of counterfeit goods is not limited to ordinary stores and sales markets, and in many cases counterfeit goods are also being sold online, and consequently many right holders are taking measures to delete links to sites selling counterfeit goods online. And since some counterfeiters have strong maliciousness, there are cases where the deletion of links is not enough.
Thus, in addition to deleting links, there are now numerous cases where O2O measures (referring to “Online to Offline measures”; that is, when counterfeit goods are discovered on the internet, measures for identifying the actual hubs of counterfeiters selling such counterfeit goods, and subsequently enforcing such hubs) are being taken, and we will now introduce the basic method of O2O research as the first step of such O2O measures.

Flow of O2O research

1. Interview

Make an inquiry via chat or phone to the effect of “I want to make a bulk purchase” or “I would like to see the actual products at your store”, and elicit the address of the actual hub where the counterfeiter is engaged in counterfeiting.

2. Test purchase

Purchase a sample from the counterfeiter, and acquire the address and contact information of the counterfeiter by referring to the information indicated on the delivery slip or receipt.

3. Return sample

Acquire the return address and contact information to return the purchased sample, and subsequently dispatch investigators to that address.

4. Track and monitor

Dispatch investigators to the local address, and locate the counterfeiter’s hub through tracking and monitoring of the logistics service provider.

5. Visit

After obtaining the local address through the processes of 1 to 4 above, send investigators to visit that address and investigate the following matters in detail in order to find out the actual conditions of the counterfeiter, and the details of the distribution status and infringement of the counterfeit goods, which will subsequently lead to the enforcement of the counterfeiter.

・Name and address of the counterfeiter, information related to the manager
・Sales, employees, area, etc.
・Storage location and quantity of counterfeit goods
・Timing of shipment and production schedule of counterfeit goods 
・Distribution channel and status of export/import
・Illegal acts such as wrongful advertisement
・On-site photos

Hub of counterfeiters

Flow of O2O research

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