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Professional support by legal team with extensive experience in legal practice in Japan, China
and Southeast Asia

Not only does IP FORWARD Group have law firms in China and Japan, we also have business ties with numerous law firms located in Southeast Asia.
Our Japanese attorneys are familiar with legal affairs in China but also in Southeast Asia, and, by coordinating with attorneys admitted in China or those in Southeast Asia, depending on each case, we can comprehensively support your corporate legal work, with a focus on IP legal affairs, in Japan and other Asian countries.
Furthermore, all of our attorneys admitted in China are all fluent in English, Japanese and can offer full English, Japanese support for all of your legal needs.

We provide support for your exercise of rights such as issuing warnings, initiating lawsuits or enforcing administrative laws against infringement of intellectual property rights (i.e., patent rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, etc.) in China and Southeast Asia.
In light of the fact that exercising intellectual property rights in China and Southeast Asia entail legal and practical aspects that are different from other countries, by suggesting the optimal measures that you should take and explaining the process in an easy-to-understand manner depending on each case, as well as discussing the details with you from the very beginning, our Japanese attorneys and Chinese/Southeast Asian attorneys can offer support so you can exercise your rights.

From our experience in handling numerous IP litigations in China, we can draft and review IP license agreements, service agreements and other corporate transaction agreements that are robust over disputes.
Our Japanese attorneys are familiar with laws and practice in both Japan and China, and our Chinese attorneys are fluent in English, Japanese. Thus, whether the governing law is the laws of Japan or the laws of China, and regardless of whether the language used is Japanese, English, Chinese, our attorneys are the source for your legal needs.
The number of patent applications and patent lawsuits is increasing drastically, and the risk of international companies being targeted for lawsuits is increasing.
To prepare for this kind of dispute risk, we offer clearance research service not only for patents, but also for utility models which are often used in China. Clearance research includes macro work such as creation of a patent list of each target company and creation of a map so that the rights of each trarget company can be easily confirmed visually, to micro work such as more detailed claim interpretation and consideration in light of Chinese litigation practice. In addition to offering support accoring to your requests, we can also handle invalidation trials by coordinating with our patent firm in China.

Furthermore, in order to protect your valuable trade secrets in your manufacturing facilities located in China and Southeast Asia, we can provide specific advice so you can build a management system in consideration of the actual circumstances and legal systems of each region, as well as offer awareness building activities, such as training, to your resident officers and local employees. And if any of your trade secrets are actually divulged, by coordinating with our internal research department, we can offer total support from prompt and accurate research to evidence gathering.
Our wide-ranging legal services are able to meet the needs of Japanese corporations based in China and Southeast Asia from advice related to incorporation, management and withdrawal of local corporations to consultation on debt collection, formulation of internal rules and regulations, and daily legal work related to research on laws and regulations.
By leveraging our connections with various Chinese authorities and know-how from past communications, if Chinese authorities indicate any problem with your business operation in China, we can promptly and properly deal and negotiate with Chinese authorities on your behalf to minimize the influence on your business operations.
Furthermore, if you face any crisis in your business in China such as flaming or scandals, we can offer suitable advice and support in light of circumstances in China.
China is on the verge of becoming the world’s greatest “IP nation” due to the ever-increasing number of applications of intellectual property rights and number of lawsuits, and the importance for Japanese companies conducting business in China to strategically leverage data related to Chinese intellectual properties is increasing more than ever.

Based on our information database of Chinese intellectual property rights containing an overwhelming amount of data, IPF offers services such as research on the general situation of Chinese intellectual properties, individual analysis of judicial precedents, and research of achievements of Chinese attorneys.
By executing an advisory contract with us, you can receive advice and support based on the specialized knowledge and skills of IP FORWARD Group at reasonable rates in comparison to our standard rates. We also offer business consulting services including general corporate legal affairs and legal work related to intellectual properties related to the laws of China and the laws of Japan.

Are you having trouble with your legal work in China or Southeast Asia?

  • Need to understand the laws of China and Southeast Asia in light of their differences in comparison to the laws of Japan
  • Looking for firm that support draft agreements which truly be advantageous for us
  • Finding local office to resolve local troubles (such as debt collection)...

We can support your complicated legal work
every step of the way

For Japanese companies, legal work in China and Southeast Asia often entails numerous anxiety factors.
We can comprehensively support your legal work and make sure that you can conduct your business smoothly and reliably through the coordination of local attorneys admitted in Japan, China and Southeast Asia who are familiar with the legal aspects that are unique to China and Southeast Asia and different from the legal environment of Japan.


Proposal of optimal solutions in light of local legal environments through
collaboration of local attoneys admitted in Japan, Chaina and other countries

Since Japanese attorneys and Chinese/Southeast Asian attorneys work together and discuss matters from their own perspective, no differences in opinions will arise, and they can propose solutions according to local laws and legal environments while respecting the intentions of Japanese corporations.


Drafting of agreemtns by attorneys with extensive experience in China and Southeast Asia

Attorneys familiar with the aspects and business practices of local corporations in China and Southeast Asia as well as local legal practice will draft and review agreements that will be truly effective in times of trouble so you can conduct your business smoothly.
We can adequately protect the interests of companies by drafting typical corporate agreements and special agreements, including IP agreements such as license agreements.


Abundant litigation experience in China

In recent years, the judiciary system in China is being expanded, and China is becoming a litigation-happy country like the U.S. While litigation in China may not even cross your mind if you never had any experience, it is an extremely effective option as a dispute resolution means. Since IPF Group has been handling IP infringement cases from the past, we are a rare Japanese law firm with a track record of handling and winning numerous lawsuits. At the same time, since we can also offer support for effective evidence gathering, we can resolve your disputes with a relatively high degree of probability.

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