On-Site(Offline) Anti-Counterfeiting Countermeasures

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Provide various services including research, enforcement and evidence gathering to fundamentally resolve counterfeit damages in physical world.

Various types of counterfeit goods and pirated goods exist in China and other countries throughout the world.
In addition to conventional trademark infringement cases, issues involving patent infringement and trade secret infringement are also increasing in recent years, and these counterfeiting acts are stealing the business opportunities of companies as the right holders.
We have the largest number of investigators as a Japanese research company, and without limitation to the research, evidence gathering and enforcement of infringement of trademark rights and copyrights, we have abundant experience in dealing with highly sophisticated patent infringement cases, and can take anti-counterfeiting measures in a streamlined manner by coordinating with attorneys.
Counterfeiters stop at nothing and will infringe upon your intellectual property rights in all forms and manners. When taking anti-counterfeiting measures in China, it is necessary to foremost conduct adequate research to confirm the actual condition of the counterfeiters and properly understand the situation.
We have roughly 80 specialized investigators in mainland China who are able to offer various research services for promptly collecting accurate information related to counterfeit goods.

Examples of research service:
Market research, research of individual counterfeiters, upstream research, exhibition research, subsequent offense confirmation research, illicit trade name research, interview research, etc.
Enforcement is an important means as a part of our anti-counterfeiting measures, and there are various supervisory authorities that perform enforcement. We file requests for enforcement on a daily basis in mainland China and key countries of Southeast Asia, visit the sites of enforcement by coordinating with the authorities having jurisdiction over the enforcement, and offer support so that the enforcement can be implemented smoothly.
We can maximize the effect of enforcement by proposing the selection and proper use of agencies based on our wealth of experience.

Examples of enforcement service:
Administrative enforcement, criminal enforcement
When exercising rights in China (in particular civil execution and enforcement of administrative laws), since the authenticity of evidence is often contested, as a general rule, it is necessary to take notarization procedures of evidence of infringement by counterfeiters.

We can make arrangements to retain an experienced notary to perform the notarization, and, since there are various items that can be notarized (acquisition of counterfeit goods, request for sale of counterfeit goods, actual condition of facilities and manufacturing method, etc.), we can propose the optimal method of notarization according to each case.
Counterfeit goods are no longer only the problem of China, and can be found throughout the world, and are hindering the global business development of companies as the right holders. Since many of the counterfeit goods are being manufactured in China and then exported to other countries around the world, it is imperative to prevent the outflow of counterfeit goods at the border with the cooperation of customs in China.

We have built a positive relationship with customs officials through our cases in which we served as the agent of numerous Global corporations over many years in dealing with customs in China, and can therefore offer comprehensive support for your various affairs related to the injunction at customs in China.
When continuously exercising rights in China, it is important to communicate with government authorities and EC platforms, and update information regarding damages resulting from the counterfeit goods of your products and information regarding the authenticity of products.

Since many of our members are former officials and advisers of government authorities, we can plan and arrange meetings, courtesy calls and opportunities for exchanging opinions with the municipal administration for market regulation, trademark office, intellectual property office, court and customs in China.

Are you having any trouble dealing with counterfeit goods overseas?

  • "Unsure who to ask for help in dealing with counterfeit goods overseas"
  • "Expecting cunsultation with a specialty firm that is familiar with legal issues of that country"
  • "Need to hire a firm capable of communicating in English/Japanese/Chinese"

Let IP Forward resolve your problems

Not only have investigators with vast experience, since our consultants and attorneys are fluent in English/Japanese/Chinese, there will be no gap in understanding resulting from differences in the nuances of languages.


Since we have numerous professionals specializing in various fields, we can offer a highly sophisticated one-stop solution

IP Forward can provide services related to anti-counterfeiting measures, IPR protection, legal affairs in China, and support for business development in China as a result of our research firm, consulting firm, law firm and patent firm joining forces, and additionally increase the synergy by combining the various services.


Accurate analysis and advice by leveraging our strength of having offices in China

As a result of engaging in every type of legal work related to infringement of intellectual property rights on a daily basis and being familiar with legal practice in China, we can offer the optimal solution for each case of IPR infringement that you may encounter.


Track record of having protected numerous companies from infringement of intellectual property rights

Our one-stop service of anti-counterfeiting measures from extensive research by numerous investigators to request of enforcement and arrangement of a notary has protected the intellectual property rights of numerous companies to date. We are proud to say that we are currently the No. 1 source of Japanese companies for taking anti-counterfeiting measures.

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