Director / CMO /
GM of Online Protection Dept.

Name Kohei Segawa
Title Director / CMO / GM of Online Protection Dept.
Languages Japanese, English

Education/Professional Experiences

・Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan
・He started his career with one of Japan’s largest manufactures as a specialist of Online Anti-counterfeiting Measures and played an important role at the IP Protection Expert Committee of the industry group as a representative of the company.
In 2016, he moved to a major American-owned IP research company and engaged in executing Online Anti-counterfeiting Measures to protect IP rights of many Japanese clients as a Total Care Consultant.
In 2018, he joined IP FORWARD CORPORATION to set up a new department to provide its clients with the latest services related to Online Anti-counterfeiting Measures.

Areas of Expertise

・Online Investigation and Execution of Anti-counterfeiting Measures