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Ichitaro Ito(Patent Attorney , Admitted in Japan)

《Personal History》


-Graduated from Sophia (Jochi) University, Department of Engineering Electric and Electronic Engineering Section in 1993.

Work Experiences

(1993- 2000)
-Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co., Ltd (present KDDI) Appointed to the KDDI United States; participated in development of data communications system and operation (for one year)
(2001-April 2014)
-Deputy Director at a Patent Firm in Tokyo
(2014 – Present)
-Director and Patent Lawyer at felicite Patent Professional Corporation

He has experiences in making patent specifications which are over 1,200 in total of the matter related to the technological standard, especially in the field of telecommunication.
Speed is required to file applications before the collection of autographs is submitted describing to agree with the technical specification (collection of autographs) while making matters related to the technological standard, and he has taken charge of making the matter related to the technological standard for ten years and more.
Moreover, he has a lot of networks with local agents and the Examiners not only in the advanced countries, but also in the developing countries.
He has experiences in acquiring plenty of standard essential patents by partnering with local attorneys and conducting interviews with the Examiners of United States and experiences in judging Indian lawyers' ability to write patent application specifications.



・"IP strategy in the smart grid"; July 2012 issue of "IP management" magazine”


・"Intellectual property right glossary.” (joint authorship; published by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Co.)


Seminars / Presentations


・FNN Super NEWS (Fuji Television Network, Inc.: One of leading TV broadcasting companies in Japan) “Patent Agency Summary Examination”


・(2008~2012)lecturer of Patent Attorney Association training of the technological standardization committee sponsoring of Japan Patent Attorneys Association


・Patent attorney's diary attention lecture meeting ”Foremost Line of IP Practice Use: Effort on Open Innovation, technological standard and IP”